HIGH ROLLERS 2012: Print Media Graduating Show

The Department of Print Media and the Student Printmaking Association invite you to HIGH ROLLERS 2012: Print Media Graduating Show. The exhibition features works from graduating BFA students whose practice revolves around the printed image.

VERNISSAGE: Tuesday, March 20th, 6 - 9 pm
Gallery Hours: March 21st - 24th, 12 - 7 pm

Presenting works by:

Carly Belford
Neah Kelly
Hélène Latulippe
Évlyne Laurin
Mark Laurin
Sarah Long
Sara Kay Maston
Ann Milligan
Marzi Rahmani
Stéphanie St-Jean Aubre
Aleksandra Wizimirska

A message from Judy Garfin, Associate Professor and the Print Media Program Co-ordinator:

The Department of Print Media and the Student Printmaking Association (SPA) are pleased to present the Print Media graduating student exhibition, High Rollers. Our graduating students have created works in all of the print disciplines including Lithography, Intaglio, Woodcut, Screenprint, Book Arts, Digital Print, and several have integrated these into Installation and Performance art.

While the students who submitted works for consideration by the jury must have completed at least two advanced courses in the Print Media Program, they did not have to be Print Media majors or minors. Several students are majoring in other programs within the Studio Arts Department. Considering their rich content and sophisticated conceptual focus, along with their technical excellence, the works represent a view into cutting edge contemporary print practices. We welcome you and will enjoy seeing you at the vernissage!

Judy Garfin

Image (c) Sarah Long



We are currently accepting submissions for the Print Media Graduating Show. Check out our submissions section and look out for our posters for more information!



50/50 Print Sale is back!

SPA is currently accepting submissions to the annual 50/50 Print Sale. Look for details in the submission section of our website!


A Social Event (for you!)

The Student Printmaking Association presents:
A Social Event!

Come to Brutopia on Thursday, November 17th at 9:00 to meet your fellow printmakers and their perfectly acceptable non-print friends!

(click on the cat to see the Facebook event, please.)

Meet SPA!

Welcome to the recently and shoddily updated SPA website! For those of you unsure of what we in SPA do, feel free to read our constitution. For those of you who already know what SPA is, feel free to ignore it! Please email us if you have any questions or if you would like to be added to our mailing list. Thanks and have a good rest of the semester!


The SPA collective has existed since 1998 and has since been largely responsible for many of the print program’s extracurricular undertakings.

The association aims to provide an environment for artistic exchange and to build a stronger community within the program. Our intentions are to compliment the regular curriculum with activities that are not usually available within the department. These activities allow students to further their knowledge and to expand their horizons. The projects we intend on undertaking include: workshops, exhibitions, inter-university exchanges, a more informative website, newsletters, artist talks, and more.

In the past years, SPA has been responsible for organizing inter-city print exchanges, multiple book projects, several diverse exhibitions, vernissages, and annual print sales, Concordia based or inter-university print exchange and more.

SPA works as an open club, in which every registered print student is automatically a member. Positions work on a volunteer basis and students can choose their own level of involvement. To ensure a system of organization, SPA consists of an executive committee formed in the fall of each year. This year’s committee is as follows:

President: Aleksandra Wizimirska

Vice President: Sarah Long

VP External: Olivier Forgues
VP External: Mark Laurin

VP Internal: Will Austin

Event Coordinator: Katie McDonald

Our goal is to function as a coordinated body. We encourage a healthy discourse between members and seek to uphold a level of transparency within our government. We therefore make all concrete decisions together. The executive body meets weekly and works actively together to ensure a dynamic academic and social environment within the program.

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All students have the right to participate in as many SPA activities as they choose. It is the responsibility of the executive committee to keep students informed of SPA activities and meetings. Students are invited to join meetings and to share their ideas and concerns. The dates and times of these meetings will be made available on the SPA website and forwarded to all students. For all additional questions, students are encouraged to email us.

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